Want to know how to sell a product on Kickstarter?

Today we are with Anthony Ambriz and Bryce Fisher, and these two fine gentlemen are Kickstarter gurus. They know how to launch and effectively sell a product.

They explain how they use Click Funnels to drive traffic. They take a fake idea and run traffic to it through PPC campaigns.

The big mistake that people make, is they assume Kickstarter is the way to test/validate an idea.

It’s important to test an idea before using Kickstarter, because Kickstarter will keep track of all of your failed campaigns which will affect how easily you can raise in the future.

Testing outside of Kickstarter will help you figure out your brand and marketing message before hitting Kickstarter.

Learn more and connect with Anthony and Bryce:

Anthony: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anthonyambriz/

Bryce: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brycecfisher/